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Newegg may be selling pirated Windows 10 Keys


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I bought 2 copies of Windows 10 Home OEM from Newegg.com for $85 each on sale. This is consistent with genuine OEM pricing around $100. They emailed me two copy/pasted keys. Both failed to activate Windows so I called Microsoft. They checked the keys and said both were pirated! This is not a genuine Microsoft product!

I contacted Newegg.com and was transferred to a supervisor. They refused to replace the keys with verifiably genuine Microsoft products and refused a refund. They did offer to email me more pirated keys(they called them digital but could offer no evidence they were anything other than what Microsoft said). They refused to acknowledge that Microsoft confirmed Newegg.com’s keys were pirated, constantly trying to say things like, “I’m sorry you weren’t able to get your keys to work” or, “I can assure you that all of our keys are genuine, but they don’t always work.” Fact check; Microsoft has already confirmed these were pirated keys. As for them not always working? 49% of Newegg’s reviews for this item are 1 Star...nearly all of them saying the same thing...the keys don’t work and Microsoft says they are no good. Wish I’d noticed that before I bought...which is why I am here, actually. Don’t make the same mistake as me. I’ll be disputing the credit card charges and I’m optimistic since Microsoft has my back, but what a hassle!

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