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who to drop? whir


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-Need to make three drops to activate Brandon Ingram, Anthony Davis, and LaMelo Ball

-No, I cannot make a trade. No one wants to do that right.

Here's my team

10 team, head 2 head 9 CAT

PG Jamal Murray, Russell Westbrook, Killian Hayes

SG Klay Thompson, Gary Trent Jr.

SF Jason Tatum, Scottie Barnes

PF Jarren Jackson Jr., Ben Simmons, Cameron Johnson

C Brook Lopez, Walker Kessler, Jalen Duren

IL Lamelo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Anthony Davis

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Wow this is like rich people's problems lol. Just kidding.

Droppable palyers are:

Killian Hayes - been worse than horrible lately

Jalen Duren - great potential but still inconsistent

Cameron Johnson - lot of hype and could be good ROS and despite Phx injuries to Booker and Ayton, he will 3rd option at best. Ceiling is Klay with better fg% and less 3pts but will never happen playing alongside Booker

Ben Simmons - will never see the Ben from Sixers days but good contributor on fg%, rebs, asts and steals. Kind of like Westbrook or Draymond type swiss army knive


Order of drop: Killian Hayes, Jalen Duren, Cameron Johnson


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