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In a 12 team 5x5 roto keeper league.  We keep 15 each year (with salaries going up $5 each year.  Cap only comes into play when we submit keepers and is at $320, so no benefit of having money lef over.).

I'm pretty set on 14 of my 15 keepers.

C - Varsho, 1B - Alonso, 2B - Albies, SS - Bichette, 3B - Henderson, IF - Gimenez, OF (Start 4) - Arozarena, Reynolds, DH - , SP (Start 5) - Alcantara, McClanahan, Castillo, Fried, Gilbert, RP (Start 3) - Romano, P(Start 1) - 

This leaves me $25 left over for my last spot.  

My "in-house" options for my last keeper are; 1B/3B - Miranda $9, 2B/SS - Stott $6, OF - Suzuki $20, Bader $14, RP - Jansen $21

I have 2 trade options on the table.

Trade 1 - Jansen and Stott for D. Williams $18 - This would make Williams my last keeper.

Trade 2 - Varsho for W. Smith(C) $26 and Santander $15 - This would swap Smith for Varsho at catcher and make Santander my last keeper.

Should I take either of them?


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Since having money left over doesn't matter and there is no incentive to keep cheaper guys, I really like the Jansen/Stott for DWill and then keeping DWill.  He should be the closer right out of the gate and has the tools to be pretty damn elite.  Doesn't seem like Jansen or Stott are on your radar to keep anyway, so might as well get something in return before cutting bait.  

I think Stott may be a fine fantasy player, especially given his supporting cast and opportunities for production, but DWill is probably going to be a top 5 or 6 Closer and with a pretty long leash even if he stumbles a bit.  I'm not sold on Jansen being the closer for the full season.  Maybe out of the gate, but I just can't help but think he will struggle with the pitch clock.  Even though he led in Saves last year, it wasn't like he was a sure thing.  He had a LOT of shaky saves.

I like the DWill trade and keeper.

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Getting Devin Williams in that deal would be huge IMO.  Jansen is on his last leg and while I don't think he's completely done Devin Williams could easily be RP#1 this year with his stuff.  

2nd trade isn't bad either.  Getting Smith for Varsho is a nice upgrade being as this is probably the last year you get Varsho as a catcher.  I know Varsho is the hot catcher everyone is taking this season but long term I would consider doing both trades.  

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