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Drop Saddiq Bey for... Avdija, Brown, Jalen Mc?


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Saddiq annoys me with his inconsistency and low FG%, and underwhelming rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Now the Pistons are open to trading him, as he's underperforming vs expectations. If traded, I figure he likely ends in a bench role.

As it is, Bey has been languishing on my bench though he's on the IL. My IL spots are full. The Pistons are a bad team. Bey's strong suit is 3 pts, but I'm in 1st place in 3 pts in my roto league, with a sizable lead. His FT% is fantastic, but I'm in last place in FT% with not much room for improvement. Bey is looking more and more like a drop.

Hold or drop, if drop, for whom?

Deni Avdija -- seems to have secured a starting role, even with Beal back. Sound stats over the last 14 -- 30:42, 476% FG, 1.3 3 pts, 11.6 pts, 6.9 rebs, 4.1 assists, 0.8 steals, 1.1 blocks. Not a flashy game changer but an under-the-radar contributor with good stats except for FT%, which sucks. Young kid at 21, likely to get better -- so some upside over ROS. Those rebs, assists, and blocks would be significant for my squad.

Bruce Brown, another option. Having the best season of his career in DEN, but I feel like he's near his ceiling. Avdija just seems like more fun.

Jalen McDaniels -- an obvious consideration with Hayward out indefinitely with a fractured shoulder. For some reason I feel as if McDaniels is a disappointment waiting to happen.

Your insights appreciated.



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