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Bryce Perkins 2022 Outlook


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2 minutes ago, BGDDYKWL said:

Sounds crazy but even outside of superflex, if you're in a 12-teamer with deep benches and have say Murray or Fields I could see rolling the dice on Perkins over someone like Heinicke, Brissett, Ryan, Goff (assuming Murray/Fields don't go Sunday). 

I can’t start Perkins > Heinicke

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2 minutes ago, crotchcrickets said:

announced as the starter and you know what, screw it.  i'm gonna roll with him in my superflex over andy dalton.


may as well join my team of replacements and lead me to a win this week


*sobs quietly in a dark room*

It’s a good move - Perk should have a great rushing floor. Dalton is milquetoast AF.

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6 minutes ago, kyoun1e said:

Would not trust him at all in his first start, but as a Fields owner I'm eyeballing week 13 (when CHI has a bye) and the LAR face LV miserable D. 

After getting two weeks worth of data on Perkins, I could see him suddenly being a fantasy darling for the stretch run.

Is there reason to believe this isn’t just a one week start?

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15 minutes ago, crotchcrickets said:

Selfishly, definitely would be optimal.  Dunno the timetable on a neck strain though.  

Rams fan here, I have a strong feeling that Stafford (and eventually Kupp) will be shut down for the season. The Athletic's Ram beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue is certainly giving the sense that these discussions are ongoing & that it's not worth putting Stafford back there with the current state of the OLine.

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