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Rashaad White Trade whir


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Got two separate offers for Rashaad White.

1) My White for his Deseaun Watson.

2) My White for his Sutton.

My team just lost, i'm now 6-5, and while i'm still in the playoff hunt, i'm right there to being in or out. Lamar Jackson has me worried so Watson could be a league winner to play over Lamar. But my WR room is exactly amazing and Sutton could bring some needed depth. On the other hand, I might need White down the stretch consider i'm already likely without Mixon, Swift is now a flex at best, Foreman is only good when playing the falcons, etc...  Do I accept either trade? Do I counter? Maybe I stay put. See my team below. whir w a link.

half ppr, 12 team, can keep 1 player for one year. start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 flex, 1 d & k.

Lamar & Jimmy G

Mixon, A Jones, Foreman, Swift, R. White

Olave, Locket, G. Davis, T. Burks, W. Robinson (soon to be dropped)

Kmet & Knox

Chiefs & Lutz

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Thanks for your input on mine!

I think since you have jimmy G with his upgraded offense, I would lean on not going for Watson. 

white might have made his case to take over this backfield, but it’s still a little foggy how it plays out after the bye. (Unless fournette is straight up out)

The way the broncos have been playing all year, I’m not too hot on Sutton.

That being said, I think I would hold in this situation. Or try to package a trade with white for a more clear cut WR upgrade?


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Think Lamar & Jimmy G will be fine for you. But if you think Jimmy G can help you this week & Watson returns to be a solid QB, you may be able to then flip Lamar for a good WR.

As for Sutton, solid player, in a crappy offense situation right now. But he will be able to help your WR group. I would consider the Sutton offer or see if someone is willing to give you a better WR for Swift, if they feel he will be healthy & good to go ros. GL!


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