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Jayson Tatum 2022-2023 Outlook

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Fantastic player. But I'm trying to mock draft this dude, I just feel empty. Its strange. Maybe I wish he can boost his assist just a little bit. But picking at the back end of the snake no one should really complain.


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Yeah he's great but not really exciting in fantasy. He's almost kind of a glue guy lol, which is weird to say for a first rounder. Other than scoring, there's nothing he's really elite at - just kind of good enough at everything to give you a solid base to take your build wherever you want. Which is nice.

But given the choice, I'd rather have Melo or Dame over him still. 

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Drafted him late 1st last season and punted assists.  The drag on FG% and drop in stocks was hard to deal with the first four months or so, but Tatum ended up carrying that team through the playoffs to a ‘chip last season.  
I’m not worried about the coaching situation too much.  Gonna end up being lots of usage either way.  

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