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Gus Edwards 2022 Outlook

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5 minutes ago, owenmills said:

Timeshares are fine. Most team actually run a timeshare nowadays. The issue with Baltimore is Lamar is basically their RB1, so a timeshare behind that is pretty unappealing for fantasy. Last game JK had 7 carries and Hill had 6(to Lamar's 11). What exactly are you projecting for Gus when he becomes starter in week 7?

Lamar is the RB1 at the moment.  No other option.  JK was a shell of himself yesterday.  Hill is questionable.  Lot of other factors to consider like:

1. Is Gus actually going to be game ready?  My wild a** speculation is yes.  Based on the conservative approach they are taking to bringing him back in.  From the very few accounts, it seems as if he is game ready now

2. Another wild a** speculation, JK will improve.  Crazy as it sounds...I don't think the guy is just going to keep sucking.

3. Hill is going to get some shares of this offense.

4. All adding up to Lamar not having to be leaned on to be the RB1.  He still might be the RB1 but I would take the RB2 in this offense as well....AGAIN...we are talking about filling viable roster spots to win weekly matchups.  I'm not looking for someone to light the damn world on fire with 20+ points a game.  

5. Take a look at Baltimore's GL performance so far this year.  You don't think Gus is the guy who punches those in for them?  JK Dobbins could be the Dion Lewis of 2022 and have that special skill of grinding and manuevering between the tackles but we don't ever seem him utilized between the tackles. 

6. With the way this offense is constructed, with it's ability to bust the door open via long ball, and Lamar's scrambles....the viable running game is poised to bust this wide open for them.  

I didn't answer your question because I don't know. ^ but all that leads to my logic to some sort of success for Gus and success plugging him into my roster when needed as my RB4/5

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10 minutes ago, vikesrube said:

I agree, and I’m grabbing Gus and holding where I can for a few weeks to see what happens because he has shown talent and skill at the NFL level and walks into a great offense. Not going to pretend he’s a sure fire pickup though.

But none of the others mentioned as alternatives have both of those things. 

So to me he is more interesting. And if nothing happens after a couple weeks, maybe I am more willing to talk myself into some of those other dodo’s mentioned. 

right...this is a fair point.  or I just hold him until something else happens. 

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On 9/25/2022 at 7:46 AM, SadFaceHappy said:

Not really.  It was a 50/50 split.

Both Gus and Dobbins averaged 9 carries/game for the season, and that actually shifted to a 55/45 split in favor of Dobbins over the final 8 games (one of which Dobbins was out for).

If we just look at the games both played since Dobbins started getting regular carries (weeks 6-10 & 12-divisional, 12 games) we get Dobbins with 137 rushing attempts and 14 targets, and Gus with 119 rushes and 10 targets.

It was a relatively evenly split backfield, with Dobbins having a slightly larger share (54:46).

And while Gus' 5.0 yards/rush was extremely good, Dobbins averaged 6.0 yards/rush and scored 3 more TDs (9-6).

Dobbins ypc was inflated by 1 game where he had something like 160 yards on 13 carries.

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2 minutes ago, CanaBuc said:

Dobbins ypc was inflated by 1 game where he had something like 160 yards on 13 carries.

Averaged 5.3 ypc without that game. But to penalize a guy for being able to break long runs seems wrong. It’s not dobbins fault Gus will never have a 70 yard run to “inflate” his stats. 

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So I do have Gus Edwards stashed on my IR spot.

I can promise you he will be a superstar as soon as I get them on to my active roster and then have to drop him to make room for another player at a different position.


For reference I dropped Jeff Wilson Jr to pick up Dotson right before week 1 and I dropped Khalil Herbert to pick up Elijah Moore right before week 3.

I will all give you all a heads up when I drop us Edwards so you can pick him up before the inevitable JK Dobbins injury making Gus Edwards the third League winner I drop.


But all jokes aside I think he is an excellent stash for anybody who has an IR spot since he is not wasting any bench space. Additionally if you look back at 2020 he and Dobbins had a very nearly even workload. He is a big back at over 238 lb and I think compliments the style of play Baltimore is known for because he can break tackles given his size and strength. I could also see him being used at the goal line because of this as well. Their offensive line has not been what it used to be for the past 2 years.

This point in time we have a very small sample size of what Dobbins is. We know he had a very good six-game stretch in 2020. However Gus's stretch was nearly equal to Dobbins and gusted it for two previous years with near identical stats each time.

Dobbins did have the much worse injury and even though he returned to the field sooner it is possible that the fact that it was a multi ligament and muscular and meniscal injury to his knee that he may though recovered not have as good of a performance because of limitations from his injury..

From Edwards tweets it seems like he has been ready to go for a couple of weeks and might end up in a 50/50 timeshare with Dobbins out of the gate.

If he can get 10 or 12 touches and do well with them I think that is pretty good for an end of the bench with upside.

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On 10/3/2022 at 9:44 AM, dudewithabadcat said:

27 year old running back....too old to make a difference.  Was the year off rehabbing a nice rest for the bod....idk but he is stashed away now for a few weeks....the Gus  Bus was just starting to gain some mo'  in 2020...lets go. 

It's not the age it's the mileage. He hasn't had that many carries.

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