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Dameon Pierce 2022 Outlook

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Enters party late. Stops to read the room. Hears the murmurs and pieces together some of the conversations as he slowly walks up to the main table where others are gathered and exchanging snickers and winks.

Clears throat. "So, ummm....anyone catch the Texans game last night?"

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13 minutes ago, SadFaceHappy said:

Yea, don't think that LB is gonna make the team.  WTF was he doing???

lol look like he tried to deflect the pass because he knew he wasn’t going to get there. He was just signed like a week ago. He actually had an INT and led the team in tackles yesterday. Chad Hansen 

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3 hours ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

He’s the ultimate hero rb target. 1200 total yards 6-8 tds isn’t out of reach 

no this isn’t sarcasm like the rest of you a-holes lol

I got Javonte as my RB1 in a league, went heavy WR and got Rhamondre, Dameon, Walker and a couple other RB's late, I am the laughing stock of forums and Reddit right now


I play to win! Not finish second!

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