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Chris Godwin 2022 Outlook

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19 minutes ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

That's so disrespectful to the player that Godwin is. He's elite in many categories. Gage isn't elite in anything. Solid player and I do like him but he's no where near Godwin

Lol did you not detect the blatant sarcasm in my post? Or are you playing along? 

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1 minute ago, brosephd said:

drafted him for trade bait or playing the long game with him for him to be productive later in the season. low risk high reward. stay patient. 

Yeah my play was to draft him with Hollywood, have Brown soak up the targets for the first 6 games while Hopkins is suspended, hopefully have Godwin back after that.  🤞

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Just now, Pastor3 said:

lotta luv out there for this cat in our gig ... i think he has a shot to go earlier in mine (also 12 tm) - dunno.

Yeah I'm thinking my window has closed.

Not sure I can stomach him over Pitts/ETN/BMW, which I would need to do to grab him before the 5/6. But if he's really 100%...

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5 minutes ago, MingusDew said:

Yessir. My last money league is tonight as well. 12 spot (again lol).

5/6 turn he should be there. I want to believe...

Thats where i got him and Thomas at, gabe davis was also available.. i started with 2 RB'S so that i could target him as WR1 while still maintaining 2 top running backs.. was a risky gamble but it worked out for me.. wish you the best of luck! 

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Just now, shenaulty said:

mostly worried about him being on a pitch count

They've been pretty transparent about his progress so far.  Bowles is talking about him needing to take contact about the knees before being a full go, etc.

Long story short I think that his role in the game will be made pretty clear by the beat writers before the game.  Keep tabs on it and make your decision on Sunday morning, but to me if he's playing and it isn't 100% clear he'll have a limited role I'm playing him.  He can probably even make it happen on a limited number of snaps.

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