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Cam Akers or Kenneth Walker long-term?

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2 hours ago, crookedmacs said:

I like Walker's talent, but am unsure of that situation in Seattle. Akers has a ton of talent, in a great offense. But talking long-term, who you taking a year or 2 down the road?

Akers also had that Achilles injury - I mean he came back really soon, but also not very explosive (he went from 4.6 ypc in 2020 to 2.6 in 2021). His main question is whether he can recover fully.

Akers doesn't have a lot of competition if he's fit; Hendo is good enough but not great, and although I like the new kid (Kyren Williams) I don't think he'll be the #1 soon (he was also spotted in a walking boot, which isn't great). The lack of competition is more important because it's a sign that the Rams coaches (who see him more than we do) think he'll be fine.

Walker is a) not (yet) injured, b) in an offense with 25% more rushing yards, but also c) has more serious competition with Penny finally breaking out.

All in all I have Walker probably slightly over Akers in a trade, but not by much, and I might change my mind a lot during the preseason. We really need to see Akers on the field to know how much he has further recovered from that horrendous injury.

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I lean Ken Walker and it is due to Akers coming back from an Achillies. I just try to avoid RBs who have had an Achillies injury. No RB has come back and been elite. Major red flag for me. Akers is still young so he could make a full recover but I am OK missing on him as I feel the risk is too high.

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