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MLB Fantasy Draft Software Good/Bad ?? (Auction)

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For the last few years I have found myself so busy with Life/Work/family that I have not had the same amount of preparation time that I sued to have prior to Fantasy Drafts. I used to make my own spreadsheets and try to value the guys myself. I decided a few years back to try the MLB Fantasy Online Draft software. 
1st attempt was Roto Champ - This application seemed to do ok, as I put in my league settings, made a few adjustments to be more to my liking (Changing projections, marking players I like vs ones I don't want and so on) the first 2 years the app worked well, but year 3 it took a dump, and then it did the next two years also, so I had 2/5 decent years on this app. I did place top 4 about 3/5 times but every year it put me down as the clear run away after the draft finished.
after the app seemed to be getting me to worse standing each yeah, I changed and tried FantasyPros - After the Draft it predicted a 1st place finish.... I came is 11/12 in 1 league and 12/12 in another league using fantasyPros. I decided that must of just been a bad year and tried it a 2nd year with similar results... afte the draft it bragged how good of a team I had, and by the end of the year my team was in the dog house. 
Fast forward to this year I decided to go with Rotowire.... the year is not over but it's looking Grim again. It started of course by telling me my drafts (2 leagues) were the best in both leagues. 
1 league I am in 11/12 - Roto
and the 2nd league (H2H) I am in 7th place at the moment.
My big question here is.... Do these software's actual help their users place well (Am I an anomaly?).. I feel like I can do just as bad without spending the additional money for these software's. 
Are there better ones out there? am I using them incorrectly? Both my leagues do not have use of their benches much as 1 league only allows 10 moves all year for "Minor Leaguers" which is your bench, and the other league is week to week, so you can't take your guys out on their off days. 
Let me know your thoughts, Are there better drafting software's out there? Am I wasting my time? Have I really just run into bad luck? 
again.. my biggest complaint is that every year I use these drafting programs.. they all tell me I am the best team coming out of the draft... and that dream soon falls flat. 

Thanks to anyone who chimes in,


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