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Jackson Chourio - OF - MIL


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Been hearing the terms superstar and elite being used in his prospect evaluation. It's early yet, but batting a cool a  480/519/800 though 27 at-bats. Couple of reports from baseball America rave at his bat speed. Looks like he sticks to the outfield with his lack of arm, but his plus speed should help make up for the arm. Can't wait to see him grow into his frame. Anyone else watching this kid? 

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All in on this guy.

2-5 with a 2B and HR last night.

100 ABs in and still pounding the ball.  Hitting .350.  OPS ,930.  Striking out a good bit, but just turning 18 in a full season, it's to be expected.  Reports all glowing about him.

This is name to be very excited about.

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Chourio checked in at 43 overall in BA's latest updated top 100, which for his age is a very aggressive ranking for a 18 year old. And he hit another dinger yesterday too. Go get him if you can. Even if you don't believe you can sell to someone else that will because real value is getting established after each good game. So yeah, he's on the next hyper prospect trajectory.

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Kinda wish he wasn't with the Brewers, could be random but they don't have a great track record on the hitting side lately. Not a big enough factor to justify slowing down the hype train but just something in the back of my mind. 

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