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Moises Gomez - OF STL

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1 minute ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Some people care, I noticed he was picked up/aggressively bid on in my dynasty leagues the past 2 weeks.

I don't think I could even find one article about this guy. 

Not even a blurb. 

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I've just noticed a few things here/there on Twitter.

He's obv on a heck of a heater to start the year...14 HR in 80 ABs (AA) is pretty nuts.

But yeah, he hit:

.171 /.256 /.309 last year in AA with 115 K in 269 ABs...so it's prob just a blip, but in deeeeeep leagues, why not?
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heres the scoop. He signed at 16 with the Rays out of Venzuela. At age 22 last year he became a 6 year minor leaguer and could sign anywhere. He is now 23 in AA ball with the Cards. His age at AA is why he is not seen as a prospect anymore. But with the pandemic maybe he really has refound his mojo. I hope he is for real and not just an overaged AA ballplayer. I would think he should be up to memphis and AAA soon enuff at this pace. Then he will be more age appropriate. His start is crazy though. Then again as I look at the age he is really on the level of a college senior so maybe he is catching up.

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2022 STL minor league leaders sorted by wRC+.

Gomez is clearly on one. Strikeout rate is pretty darn high at 28.6%. Interestingly, only Nolan Gorman (22) has a higher rate at 35.8%.

Unfortunately I don't see Gomez making it to the majors before Gorman (and/or Yepez, Burleson, Walker?). The Cardinals have a stacked crop of hitters coming up which might delay Gomez's call-up and/or promotion.

But it's not unheard of for someone on a tear getting promoted to the majors ... at least as an owner I'm hoping.

And just for fun, all 2022 minor league leaders sorted by wRC+. Gomez leading all hitters in the minors by a good margin.

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17.6% swinging strike for a 23 year old in AA, who is repeating the level. I'd be selling as quickly as possible, it's probably going to come crashing down once he gets promoted. Sometimes guys like him do have something click, and are different players but I just don't see it with him. BB and K rates are about the same, swinging strike as well, GB/FB rates similar, pretty much everything the same except for a sky high BABIP and ISO. But he's a free grab off waivers, so not much lost in the end. 


Having said all that, the Rays are due for one of the guys they let go having a breakout, so why not Moises. 

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OK, so now what?

Margot out.  Kiermaier a tremendously average veteran (when healthy), Lowe batting .175, Harold Ramirez a 1-year rental, Luke Raley/Brett Phillips both meh and pushing 30..

What is going ON in Tampa Bay?  Is this kid going to get called up?  Soon?

He's 23, he's champing at the bit, he's ready sportsfans, nothing left to prove in the minors, Let's GO!!!!!!

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10 minutes ago, Asprilla said:

Doesn't he play for the Cardinals? 

He does indeed.  But Yahoo still lists him with the Rays.  Maybe that was what he was going by.

FYI, Yahoo doesn't move like half the minor league players to their new teams when they get traded.  I complained about it once and they gave me some gobbley-gook reason why they couldn't change them until something.  Forget if it was until the 40 man roster or what crap they threw out and of course said it was a decision by their data provider, not them, and their hands were tied yadda yadda yadda.

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