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(WHIR) Which keeper should I keep? Edwards, Bane, Poole, Irving, Porzinigs

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12 teams 9cat H2h keeper
Budget: $200, last year cost +$8
I can only keep 3
Jordan Poole $13 ($5 + $8)
Kyrie Irving $44 ($36 + $8)
Desmond Bane $8 ($0 + $8)
Anthony Edwards $17 ($9 + $8)
Kristaps Porzingis $29 ($21 + $8)
Jaren Jackson Jr $36 ($28 + $8)
I plan to keep Edwards, Bane and Poole (or Porzinigs?)
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I think your top 4 are Poole, Bane, Edwards, and JJJ. Your stated choices of Edwards/Bane/Pool probably makes the most sense from a cost/value standpoint, but I'd have a hard time letting JJJ go, even though he is getting a little expensive. He'd also provide the blocks you're missing with the other 3. I think you're fine going with Edwards/Bane/Poole if that's what you were leaning towards anyways. I wouldn't bother with Porzingis personally; dude just can't stay healthy. 

I have my own keeper question thread going - I'd love if you could weigh in there. Thanks! 


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