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12 Team High Stakes $250 SuperFlex PPR Dynasty Start Up - Fantrax

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If you are interested in joining, please send me an email at jjetts0119@gmail.com

This will be my 27th league I am running and I have been running leagues for 6 years now. My leagues are very organized and active. Groupme is a requirement to join as that is the form of communication we use. We are looking for dedicated members only who wont bail after a year or two.

To protect the league and have insurance against orphans, we require 3 years payment up front to start. Year 2 will be $125 charge. year 3 will be $125 charge. Year 4 and beyond will be the normal $250 per season. That way, every owner will always have at least 1 year ahead paid for in the event an owner decides to bail, we have insurance to offer the orphan at a discount. Unfortunately, this seems like the best way to protect the league and ensure we get owners in it for the long haul. I have had many leagues where owners bail after year 1 or 2, so I am trying something different with the structure. 



PAYOUTS FOR $250 League: 1st place: $1500 2nd place: $650 3rd Place: $250 #1 & #2 Seed: $125 #3 Seed: $100 Every year, there will be $250 leftover. This pot will be a rolling pot until one owner wins a championship for the THIRD time. The owner who wins Championship #3 first will take however much the pot ends up to be at that season. After this point, everyone's chances will reset to 0 and the race to 3 will be on again.


Roster Size: 30 Roster Slots, 3 IR slots. 
Rookie Draft: The Rookie Draft WILL include veteran free agents and incoming rookies. Free agency will be frozen at the conclusion of the regular season until the conclusion of the rookie draft, which then players will go on waivers. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY ADDS PRIOR TO THE ROOKIE DRAFT.
Draft Pick Trading: Trading of draft picks is allowed for the current AND following year's picks. Once the offseason has begun, in order to trade the following year's picks, you must make payment for that year as well, which is due regardless prior to the rookie draft date.
Rookie Draft Order: The Rookie Draft Order will be determined, barring any penalization, by lowest total points scored for the 6 teams that miss out on the playoffs. For the 6 that make it to the playoffs, their slots will be determined by a combination of elimination and lowest points scored. For example, the first two eliminations in round 1 of the playoffs will get the #7 and #8 pick of the rookie draft, with the team scoring the least points in the season, getting #7.
Playoff Format: Top 6 Records will make the postseason, which begins Week 14 and lasts through Week 16. Top 2 seeds will get a BYE week. Points scored serves as any tiebreaker. If a second tiebreaker is needed, it will come down to head-to-head record, third tiebreaker will higher strength of schedule.
Standing Tiebreakers: If two or more teams have the same record, the first tiebreaker will be most point scored in the season. The second tiebreaker will be head-to-head record. The third tiebreaker will be the higher strength of schedule will get the better position. The fourth tiebreaker will be a live coin toss done by yours truly!
Matchup Tiebreakers: If a regular season matchup score is tied. Each team will indeed receive a tie. However, in the playoffs, if a matchup is miraculously tied, the tiebreaking system will be the exact same as the standings tiebreaker method stated in Rule #6.
Free Agency: Free agency is FAAB format. Each team is awarded $100 every season. Minimum bid is $0.
Trade Deadline: Trade deadline will be the Saturday of Week 13. Trading will re-open once Fantrax re-opens the following season, which doesn't take too long after the regular season concludes.
TANKING RULE: There will be no tanking. Setting lineups weekly is MANDATORY. Failure to set your lineup for two consecutive weeks (Starting injured players, players on bye, obvious backups, etc.) will result in removal of league and commissioner will set lineup for the rest of the season. The commissioner reserves the right to adjust your team for points scored, if necessary, at the conclusion of the season to ensure fairness in the rookie draft order.
ACTIVITY: PLEASE be active and courteous to your league members and yourself on GroupMe. Utilizing GroupMe is a REQUIREMENT for this league. That is our only way of communication. These leagues are not just played during September-December, but throughout the year by entertaining offers and GM'ing your team! Additionally, please do not ghost the commissioner. The commissioner reserves the right to remove you from the league if you do not respond during the offseason to multiple attempts of contact

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