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2022 MiLB Daily Thread


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It is AAA opening day! Always appreciated past threads like this, sort of a catchall dump for highlight lines and interesting player notes.

Makes me long for the days of yesteryear on minorleagueball.com where we'd get 100+ posts/analysis nearly daily. We are a vastly smaller network here these days, but much can be gained.

Maybe @tonycpsu or another mod could sticky this thread, and the current 'call-up' one?

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51 minutes ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Miguel Vargas HR in AAA tonight.

If Vargas keeps up what he did last year (or even better, improves), I'm calling it now: Bellinger is going to be benched and we're going to see Vargas around the first week of May.  

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Some Rockies lines from last night.

Ezequiel Tovar (AA): 1-4 (2b, 1BB, 1K). Good to see him jump to AA after the strong spring performance.
Zac Veen (A+): 0-5 (3 k's). Started rough last year too.
Benny Montgomery (A): 1-4 (HR, 2 ks). Was hoping the hitch in his swing was gone, but after searching Twitter, seems like it's still there. Still a raw North East tool shed if he can smooth out the swing.

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Keep in mind this was against Eugene their line up is absolutely stacked. Luis Matos, Luciano, H Bishop, Toribio, Jairo Pomares, just to name a few.

Guy is going to get soo much helium this year. Seriously think he's this year's Matt Brash

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