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Royce O'neale or Terrance Mann

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I can basically make one more move this year before reaching my limit.  I am on the verge of making the finals but it's very close and the league is capped at 35 moves for the year.  5 a week.  I have payne and lost fox and sabonis but am hanging in there although i had to use more moves than i hoped this week to fix fox and sabonis.   Royce O'neale gives me an extra game this week and next week.  But these are the two best adds i can come up with as far as off games, max games for next week too.  Royce will give me an extra game next week too.  But not sure if Mann is still better.  I basically pick up a couple games with Mann next week since Payne is monday/wed/friday sunday which i have max games anyways and he's on my bench.   With Paul back probably best to drop him?  O'nealse has 2 games this week left.  Mann has 1.   O'neale Id pick up 3 games next week.   Mann I'd pick up 2 and have bench of friday/sunday if someone is out those days.

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