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Alvin Kamara 2022 Outlook

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  • 2 weeks later...

So much hate for a guy, who despite only 3 TDs, has the 8th best PPG average in fantasy at the position.

Granted a bit weighted due to 1 blow up game, but he's still RB14 overall, and has played 2 less than the field.

Of the 7 RBs with better PPG averages, 5 were drafted ahead of him anyways.  The only backs you could have drafted instead of him, would have been Chubb and Jacobs.

Honestly, the only thing he's failing to do this year, relative to previous years, is his pathetic 3TDs in 9 games.  Which is more a product of the offense as a whole than him, and the loss of Winston down to Dalton which we weren't planning on during drafts but oh well.

Any TD progression and he's instantly back into top 5 RB status.  It's the most unpredictable stat in the game, sometimes that's just the way it goes.

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On 11/25/2022 at 10:59 AM, hangin n wangin said:

How does block head Ingram affect his touches? I can’t believe that guy is still playing. The only thing that makes me feel somewhat good about Kamara is his playoff schedule.

Anybody thinking Taysom Hill is the perfect compliment to AK because he's now being game planned to get more touches?

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8 minutes ago, Grungejrrgv said:

Andy Daltno sucks

Dalton was a huge upgrade over Winston for AK because he actually throws to RBs. 

AK just on the decline big time. He had that nice four game run where he got tons of looks from Dalton. Outside of those 4 game he did nothing. 

I should of just all out DND him this season. So many question marks on him with no Payton and Brees plus declining efficiency. He just fell to me so damn late because of the suspension concerns into the 4th round was wild. I tried trading him all season nobody into him in that league.

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19 hours ago, jagsfan05 said:

PPR league.

The Fournette owner offered me a straight up trade for my Kamara. You wouldn't do that would you? Even if I also own Rashaad White?

I'd take anything for AK.starting kyren williams over him this week. i'm not messing w MNF and him having a Q tag and the saints just flat out gave up on the season. great for eagles fans because we get the ick, bad for any NO players in fantasy

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