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Courtland Sutton 2022 Outlook

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People are salty, and it's certainly warranted. It's mostly stuff out of his control--which is a common and unfortunate theme for his career. We've seldom seen a down-slide like Russ has experienced. I know there were warning trends for awhile but it's pretty ridiculous how poor his play has been and the coach is obviously not helping whatsoever. 

So we know why were here, but can it turnaround? If we are expecting WR2 numbers with some spike weeks, then yes, I think he's worth the clear and present risks that have accumulated. Schedule is one of the more critical factors and it has finally loosened up, but target focus has also narrowed. There's pretty much no reason he shouldn't be getting 10+ targets and many of those being downfield--an area he excels and Russ theoretically can also based on his overall history.

TL/DR- Let's ride now.

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14 hours ago, taysomtuddy said:

he is getting way to much hype this week. I mean it can't get worse and they are playing the raiders. lets ride i say. makes me nervous starting sutton and dulcich. pray for me


contemplating the same in ppr 

dulcih or likely at Te


sutton or deebo or B rob at flex 


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Russ is terrible, but Sutton has also had the yips this year. He makes amazingly acrobat catches, but drops easy ones. There was a pass in the endzone today that hit him right in the hands. Couple weeks ago had a slant with green grass in front of him for a walk-in TD, dropped. These are happening every game sadly. With bad QB play, these 1 off opportunities are make or break.

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It's becoming clear that the big alpha guys that go up and get the ball are being replaced by shiftier guys that can beat zone coverage. Until the NFL shifts back to predominantly man coverage, these big guys will struggle if QBs just don't force the ball to them in coverage. Sutton will win contested coverages but I don't think that's how you win in the NFL anymore. Good thing Dez Bryant dominated when he did. 

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