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Ayton and OG for KAT? Team in sig 12T 9cat (WHIR)

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yes, ur steals are still strong so losing og doesnt matter.

seems light. might have to sweeten the deal garland + ayton might even be better for you if you want to punt dimes which kinda looks like it depending on small chance lillard comes back.

or give away suggs/goga for his worse player in a 2 for 3 deal. getting embiid kat ad roco poelti seems kinda worth it. ha

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Cannot see team in signature.

In a vacumn, If I were the KAT owner, I would not trade him away for Ayton/OG.

My benefits per game are approx 10pts, 1+stls, 7rebs, 0.5treys, slight improvement in TOs .... even if the duo provided added depth, a player needs to be dropped which offsets and potentially diminish any gains.

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Are you offering that?  It's not going to get accepted unless you're in a pretty awful league (or KAT's owner doesn't know who he is).

If you're getting offered (or that actually gets accepted), then that's a no brainer accept.  Heck, even if I were in a super deep league, I'd probably still want KAT due to his off position treys and assists, and excellent efficiency for a big.

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