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I don't know who has been writing the recent player/management news blurbs for the Giants, but I'm guessing it's a Cowboys fan.  To be clear, I realize how bad the Giants have been in recent years and the vast majority of it can be attributed to the fact that they made three of the worst decisions in team history in a very short span.  Gettleman, Garrett and Judge were all terrible hires.  But to say things like, the Giants head coaching job is "deeply unattractive" and that the Giants are the most "embarrassing franchise in professional sports" is absolute nonsense.  Really?  The team that has won 4 super bowls, more than all but 4 teams in the NFL, is a bigger laughingstock than the Jets, Jaguars, Lions, Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners, Buffalo Sabres, etc. etc. etc.?  REALLY?   And it's not like all of those Super Bowls were ancient history.  Two of them came within the past 15 years and were against God himself, Tom Brady. 
Most "great" franchises go through rough patches now and then, so tone it down a little.  And if you don't think there are a lot of people who would LOVE to be their next head coach, you're out of your mind.  So, Sports Edge, a little perspective and a little bit of journalist integrity, please. 
By the way, if the author of these blurbs (or the primary author) is a Cowboys fan, then let me add...How 'bout them Niners!!.   Eli = 2 Super Bowls   Dak (aka...the greatest QB of all time not named Brady) = 0 Super Bowls.
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