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As my my team heals .... Who to drop ? WHIR

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10 team H2H 8 Cats. In first place but dropping faster than sagging boobs ....


Here is my roster impaled by injuries ("inj") and health safety protocols ("hsp")

PG - Chris Paul, De'Aaron Fox, Darious Garland,

SG - Bradley Beal hsp, CJ McCollum inj, Anfernee Simons

SF - Norman Powell hsp, Kelly Oubre Jr. hsp,

PF - Kristaps Porzingis hsp, Marcus Morris, Jarred Vanderbilt

C - Clint Capela inj, Anthony Davis inj, Mo Bamba inj, Omer Yurtseven


As team heals, my order of drops are: Jarred Vanderbilt, Omer Yurtseven (pending BAM's timeline), Marcus Morris Sr., Kelly Oubre Jr. 

Any drop suggestions. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS - Different valuations POV makes trading near impossible in my league unless lopsided in their favor.

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4 hours ago, Bugs bunny said:

Yurt with Bam back. Then Oubre, Morris and Vanderbilt in that order. 


1 hour ago, hermes97 said:

I'll go Yurt (Bam), Morris Sr (slumping right now), Oubre (HSP), Vanderbilt (long-term appeal)

Thanks for your reply. Just saw the news of Bam's pending return this Monday and Yurtseven is the obvious choice. Shame because he was an automatic double/double with nice assists.

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