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Do I dare start Davis Mills over Josh Allen in champ. game?

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1 pt per 25 passing yards / 1 pt per 10 rushing yards / 4 pts per passing TD / 6 pts per rushing TD

Josh Allen vs. NYJ or Davis Mills vs. TEN 

Before anyone calls me insane for even considering such a thing, the Bills could end up resting their starters after a few quarters and there are also high winds predicted for the Buf/Jets game.

That's why I'm considering the move.


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If there was a high likelihood Allen was going to be rested, it would make sense. Maybe the question is whether you believe the Bills are going to have a say 24 to 3 lead heading into halftime. In that scenario, Allen could be sitting part of the 2nd half if coaches are damn confident they're gonna win the game, and hence the AFC East. Re the weather implications you mention -- if it's 25 mph winds and gusts to 40 as predicted, we could have a lower scoring game, hence Allen stays in though maybe his passing totals are down.

Davis has a good matchup against TEN and its poor pass D. But still, what's his ceiling? 20 pts? Unlike Allen, can't count on any rushing points from Davis.

I dunno man. Will just say there's some wisdom in the saying, "Ride the horses who got you there."

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