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TNF - Dallas vs. New Orleans Game thread

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1 minute ago, Hacksawjimduggan said:

Yeah, there have been many occasions I've watched the Steelers score some huge special teams points using their best players. The most notorious is probably when Santonio Holmes scored on a punt return against the Chargers in the playoffs when the Steelers won their 6the Superbowl. If they're the best at something, they should do it. 

DJax in Philly vs the Giants...

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2 minutes ago, beerfish said:

Why? Is there any more/less of a chance of them getting hurt on a punt return than a regular offensive play? 

Because the defenders are coming down in pursuit at full speed. 

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Just now, GoPackGo23 said:

Ingram with the solid 1 point in the first quarter...keep it up buddy and I might get 5 points tonight!

I freaking agonized over Ingram vs Henderson, Sanders, and/or Javonte.  Can only play 3 of them.

Ended up fading Ingram.  Figured he has the lowest ceiling, though guaranteed like 20 touches.

Feel good about it at the moment.  A lot of game left though.

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1 minute ago, beerfish said:

My question remains the same. 

Well it’s physics. You stand there and I run into you full speed there’s a good chance the guy not moving is more vulnerable to injury.  Regardless it is risky to put best players back on punt return but the payoff exceeds not doing it.  It’s always pins and needles with a chance to break one. 

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