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Three very interesting players for me:

Aaron Ashby-elite stuff. Had two egregious games this year, otherwise, was dynamic.

AJ Alexy-Injury prone arm that arrived this year. Mixed bag results in Texas, I think he starts in AAA next year, but maybe not

Drew Rasmussen-Tampa Bay did a total reverse rope-a-dope. Instead of moving quality RPs to openers and doing other odd ****, they took Rasmussen, a guy with 2 TJs in his history, seemingly destined to be a back-end reliever and flipped him the other way and had him start the last 8 or 9 games and went 5 in most of them. His strike out rate went down when he hit the rotation, but no one scored on him. 

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I really like Thairo Estrada INF SF. Belt, Bryant, and Solano are all FA this offseason. Estrada had a line of 273/333/479(.813 OPS) with 7HR and 1SB in 121AB's this year, which was after/during his time at AAA where he was also raking(133 wRC+). ISO was over .200 in both AAA and the majors, and has a nice K/BB. If he looks to have a spot in ST, could be a nice guy to grab. Very deep leagues only at this point of course. 

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What about Lux?  Finished season on a solid note, nothing exceptional, but trending up.  Has looked solid in playoffs and will be eligible at multiple positions next year.  Post hype sleeper breakout?

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Chisholm (2nd/ss) - BA will be low but has a good chance at 20+/20+ and score a 100 runs 

Tim Anderson - Should hit .300 with 20/20 possible and a 100 runs. Not really a stash but a player you forget about when drafting for some reason.

Rickey Lopez - will flirt with with .300 and a possible 30 steals

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