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dynasty trade for Cody


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Right now I have a core next year that includes







I Anderson



with a loaded prospect pool including







Would you trade Mayer for Cody and try to win now and bank on 2022 impact debuts for Adley and Lodolo and a bounce back for Cody?

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I’d honestly rather role the dice with a prospect over Bellinger..


Outside or his hot start in 2019, he’s been no better than a .265 hitter. And he hasn’t come close to that even in 2020 or 2021.


Even if he returns to form, what is he? A 35 HR guy with mediocre batting average? And I don’t think you can count on him to steal the 10-15 bases he used to get…. If he’s just a streaky power guy, he’s just like 25 other guys that are available in drafts every year. Franmil Reyes, Jared Walsh. Adam Duvall types. 

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I think Mullins, Tucker, Ohtani, Robert are all poised for big 2022's -- even with some expected regression for those first three. 
So in the sense that I wouldn't want to "waste" some of their prime years, and Mayer is a ways away from the bigs, I think I'd make the trade and hope Bellinger can have a semi bounce-back along the lines of: .260 - 85 - 25 - 80 - 8



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