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How to renew activity on The Forum?


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Maybe traditional web forums are not totally dead , but everyone can notice that the amount of activity here has been decreasing with years. Obvious reason is “birds are migrating in warm places” - social networks and Reddit. Young humans spend their time on TikTok and Twitch, preferring emotional entertainment to noetic. 


The Forum’s auditory, mostly silent these days, but these are people who are grouped by interest. The same people who nimbly were discussing related things all around during those bright days.


Is it possible to refresh an Old-loved Forum?


What if we have a place, accessible from every page, where we can have a live talk in the form of chat? The first effect of such ability would be activation of conversations of most active members.


The second step in such a strategy would be single and rare appearances of new topics initiated by chat discussions. When people will see that it works, there can be new cycles of activations, inviting more people but not endlessly, of course, limited by those who visit the forum sometimes and some share of new visitors.


Chats are not very good for deep and long conversations, but can support a permanent talking activity and initiate forum topics. Maybe this will not work, but why not try what we lose?


I propose one chatting system, which is implemented to any website with simple JavaScript code and has such abilities, like: custom chat rooms, private chats, group chats, stream, guest registrations, direct replies, branching, commands, notifications etc.


What is interesting, widgets are united to one network. If a user signed up to ApeTail in one web site, they will have their setting on other websites where ApeTail is installed. And, of course, can communicate to users privately who use ApeTail on other web sites and see followed/subscribed chats stream messages from other web sites.


Here is the link if you are interested https://fundaria.com/ApeTail


Please tell, what you think, maybe admins will mention positive votes and would like to apply this activity initiation strategy.

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