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Draft Position This Year - 10 Man Leagues


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Anyone think being pick 1-3 this year is actually a huge advantage in 10 man leagues compared to later picks? I've done a ton of mock drafts and 1-3 lands you with one of the elite RBs and allows your 2nd and 3rd pick to be another super strong RB/WR (Metcalf, Mixon, Gibson, Jefferson). But after round 24 or so there seems to be a noticeable disparity in the players (Montgomery, Lamb, Jacobs). I also find that there are some players picked in the 40s (Woods, Henderson, Cooper) that have the potential to outscore those that are typically picked 10 rounds earlier.

So for example, if you were 7th pick you wouldn't land an elite rb and would also be stuck in Barkley/Chubb territory (injury prone). Your second pick is probably your best pick in this position (Adams, Diggs), but it also depends on how people draft, it's possible you miss out and have a comparable 2nd pick to those who drafted 1-3 (Metcalf, Mixon, Gibson tier). After that you're in the most awkward spot. You've missed out on the rest of that tier and are now sitting around 30th pick. And as previously mentioned, in my opinion, those around 30-50 ADP are fairly interchangeable.

So all in all, picks 1-3 (arguably 1-4 depending on how people draft) tend to be up to pick at all the right times. 1st pick: Elite RB, 2nd + 3rd pick tier 2/3 Strong RB/WR, 4th pick: 30-50 interchangeable ADP range. There are a ton of great interchangeable QBs between 45-65 ADP as well so draft position doesn't matter too much there either. What are people's thoughts?

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