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Looking for 12 owners for a 32 teams cap league


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Starting a brand new league for the 2021-22 season. This will be a 32 teams, 82 games and  4 playoffs rounds. H2H Points matchups with daily lineup changes. League will be held on Fantrax.


Fees:  125$ per season ( 100$ for the season and playoffs ) ( 25$ for individual awards, the dynasty prize and Premium Fees )

All owners who will join the league must pay before the draft.  NON-REFUNDABLE.




Skaters: G, A, SOG, BLK, Hit

Goalies: G, A, W, SV, SHO


Draft: 40 rounds starting when league is full  and 4 rounds each September before the Season starts. For the first year, the draft will be serpentine and after it will be determined by the draft lottery 


This will be a cap league ( Capfriendly will be the source for the AAV salaries and contract length) with a cap hit penalty and buyouts. Each owner will have the option to keep or let go a player for free agency at the end of his contract.


Rosters: 50 players Max, 25 for the NHL spots ( 12 forwards, 6 defencemen, 2 goalies and 5 reserves ) and up to 25 for the minors. 


All owners will have a team budget ( 20% of the salary cap upper limit ). It will be used to pay fees ( player salary / 100 000 ) for acquiring players via trades, waivers and free agency 


All owners will have the option to drop/claim players.                                                          ( drop/claim deadline will be All-Star break )


All owners will have the option to trade players. If a draft pick is traded, the owner must pay the season entry fee ( 125$ ) of the year (s) in question.    ( trade deadline will be the All-Star break)


Playoffs: The 8 best teams from each conferences will make the playoffs. It’s gonna be old school playoffs system ( 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7,  3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 ) and so on for the other rounds.




All the money will be managed by Fantrax Treasurer.


  • Regular season division winners..... 100$
  • Round 1 winners..... 100$
  • Round 2 winners..... 200$
  • Round 3 winners..... 300$
  • Round 4 winner..... 400$


10 annual awards for players and teams ......... 50$ for each award


Dynasty: The owner who wins 2 championships over a 3 year span will get the DYNASTY PRIZE.



What I expect from an owner?


  • Won’t be acting as a feeder team for another owner.
  • Plays for now and the future by putting competitive lineups and trading in a reasonable fashion.
  • Active by responding to trades or other league activities, respectful and easy to communicate with.
  • Will try to make his team and the league better.


** I reserve the right to remove an owner without refund if he isn’t trying to respect the points above **


For any questions please feel free to write at



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