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Chase Claypool 2021 Outlook

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On 10/10/2021 at 6:44 AM, hard1 said:

Guys had 70 yards a game do far and 30 plus looks. Who the eff is dropping

No one is dropping.  Someone said “I kind of wish I could drop him” and then I said something like “I hear that”. 

And then everyone in here started freaking out going how could you ever drop Claypool  you morons!?!?  When literally no one actually suggested that.  People in here like to get outraged over stuff that didn’t actually happen. 

On the plus side with JuJu out potentially long term Chase should get the bump in targets he needed to make him a strong start week in week out.  

All good things here.  



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5 minutes ago, txbball8 said:

finally a "boom" game from Claypool, and now JuJu is having season-ending surgery.

Arrow pointing up here?

He's just getting heated up.  We'll call him a must start player this time next week.

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I don’t know if it’s Ben, him or both.

Some of the passes to him were terrible, and then he was making bone head decisions like the push in the back holding and pass interference. I just feel Ben doesn’t trust him and he still seems raw. 

I didn’t watch the game last week. Was most of his 5 catches last week jump balls? Did he have separation? 



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