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2020 Bold Predictions


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10 hours ago, FouLLine said:

Bold predictions:


1. Sam Darnold out produces Joe Burrow... by a substantial margin too.  I've already convinced 3 of my buddies to give me 2 to 1 odds on this.  Didnt really have to convince they acted like I was giving away free money.


2.  Cooper Kupp is a top 3 PPR wide receiver.  I'm so high on Kupp I don't know if this is even bold but I was getting him in the 4th round in drafts.


3.  DeVante Parker is a top 6 wide receiver.  He was going in the pick 72-80 range in drafts.


4.  The Patriots win more games than The Bucs.  More bold with the public than Vegas.  Right now I'm seeing most sites having the Patriots 8.5 - 9.0 wins compared to most sites having The Bucs at 9.5 with heavy -160ish to -170ish odds.


5.  James Robinson thread ends the rotoworld season with the most replies.  Choo!! Choo!!

I think you are going to lose some money.  Also, not so.sure you are right about Kupp. He was great for first half of last season and then they changed their offense. They are still going to roll out the same offense in the 2nd half. But who knows. Cooks is go e. Maybe he will eat again.

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11 hours ago, oliminator123 said:

1. Ronald Jones is the lead back in TB all season long. 

2. Brees gets replaced by Winston halfway into the season. 

3. OBJ finishes the season as WR1. 

4. I end the season still single, because I can't take enough attention away from fantasy and football to give it to a woman. 

#4 for me also, not because I’m unable to give attention to women during FF season, but because I’m unable to get their attention

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RG3* takes over for Lamar and leads me to a championship


*Rex Daniel Grossman III is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for eleven seasons. Grossman played college football for the University of Florida and was selected by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft. Wikipedia

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Andy isabella ends up as a top 40 wide receiver

mike gesicki becomes a top 10 tight end in ppr

Dj Moore is a top 3 ppr wr 

will fuller plays 15 games

Jimmy g is the fantasy mvp for the first half of the season

antonio brown plays a playoff game

Michael Gallup has more yards, receptions and touchdowns than amari cooper

jordan reed plays 12 games and is a streamable tight end option

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1. CEH will have more goal line carries in one game than L'ev Bell had all last season!

(oh, wait ... that one already happened) 




1) Tony Romo comes down from the booth to lead the Falcons to the playoffs after a Matt Ryan injury  - he will mishandle a PAT hold, but run it in to defeat the Vikings on wildcard weekend, setting up a date vs Dallas in the div. round. 

2) AP is cut by the Lionz early Monday morning after 3 fumbles, 4 yds rushing, and making crazy eyes at Matty Patty. 

3) Slats Murray scores 15 TDs

4) Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp finish WRs 1 & 2 as Goff goes batsheet bonkers.

5) Harrison Butker throws more TD passes than Tedward Bilgewater. 

6) Tua finishes as the leading rusher on the Miami Dolphins roster. 

7) Jerrick McKinnon catches 90 passes. 

8) Jonnu Smiff finishes as TE 2, behind only Kelce. 

9) the ghost of Al Davis will trip at least 5 defenders on bubble screens to Ruggs that result in TDs ... they will all refuse to speak of the spectre.

10) A.B. will be seen running naked through Ryan Seacrest's gated compund, prompting rumors of a signing by the Chargers. 

11) Marble Mouf Mike (aka "Teflon Tomlin", aka "Moosh Mouth Mike") will spit ridiculoisly hack clichés, underachieve, make more ridiculously hack clichéd statements, lose one to the Banglez, will talk in circles, will underachieve, will refer to that slob Roethlisberger as "the young man" at least once, will act a fool after being asked why his Stillers are underachieving, will spit out more hack clichés.  



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Dante Pettis breaks out week 1 with Aiyuk in a reduced role due to all the time out due to injury and Deebo on IR. 

Claims the #1 spot never looks back finishes as the #1 WR for the 49ers.

Nothing but positive reports about how he is a different player this offseason and he is going to play a important role this year and now the opportunity has already being presented.

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3 hours ago, TuesdaymorningQB said:

1. Gardner Minshew finishes as a top 5 fantasy QB

2. Blake Jarwin finishes as a top 5 TE

3. Odell Beckham Jr. returns to previous form and is a top 5 WR

4. DJ Chark Jr. is a top 12 WR

5. Marquise Brown finishes as a top 15 WR

6. Tyrod Taylor finishes as a top 12 QB

7. Zach Moss finishes as a top 15 RB


I came in here just to quote someone and you had the most stuff so here I am.


ONE - I LOVE your bold predictions.  Be you.  Be opinionated and stand by YOUR TRUTHS.


TWO - I hate your bold predictions.  Let me hit you with a LOL so you know I'm not full on attacking you... LOL.


THREE - let's go in YOUR order.


1.  False - #16-22 is the range i see him falling in.  16 might seem high from a skeptic, but it's because I think other QBs might get injured, so defaulted to the middle when he's really not.


2.  False - I'll just hit you w/ a lol and move on.  I don't believe.  I have zero stock, and if I'm wrong, then I obviously missed and feel free to mock me later.


3.  Agreed.  Top 5 is hard, but I do believe he's on his ComeBackSzn and will show out.  Top 5 isn't easy, but top 7-8 (IFF Healthy) I'm with you 100% for a WR going in the late 20s early 30s. 


4.  False - Won't even be close.  DJC truthers gonna feel the burn EOS when they're questioning starting him over their flex RB they just picked up even though they spent a must start pick on him.


5.  False - He might improve SOME on 2019, but one trick ponies with a year of tape often don't become stallions just because time passes.  Improvement - probably.  Top 15 - no.


6.  False - LOL.  No.  He will not see the field for 16 games so that obviously eliminates that hope.  3-9 Chargers will be looking to see what JAG Herbert has in store for future come week 13 (if not earlier).


7.  False - NEW Frank Gore won't be top 15.  No chance.  Singletary is the guy between the 20s.  When you close in to the goal line it's Josh Allen time.  This guy's role will increase towards EOS but he'll always be TD dependent.  And he might not see SEMI steady TDs until latter half of szn (weeks 12-16).  


Just as a refresher, I'm not attacking you.  Be you.  I'm opinionated and love opinionated people too.  I'm just attacking your picks and thoughts.  It seems the same, but it's not really the same.  Finally, I LOVE people willing to say what they think and be subjected to internet clowns (I'm one of them) opinions.  Keep being strong, and don't stop posting thoughts!  Even if they're bad... LOL.

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16 hours ago, pepper11 said:

2020 Bucs are the 2013 Broncos

Brady with 5500/50

5 position players with 10 TDs (Rojo, Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Howard)

More like the 2015 Broncos.  But without the winning.  And no CJ Anderson...

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