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Is this trade legit???


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Is this collusion?


I have an issue in my league and a need to know if it’s collusion or not. I’m the league commissioner on a standard 10 team league and someone in the league, Gargamel, was winning by not much  agains OBJuif on last Monday before the Monday night game between the 49ners and the Seahawks. The score was around 102 Gargamel et 96 OBJuif. Gargamel had the kicker Robbie Gould in his line up and OBJuif had Russell Wilson in his line up. Robbie Gould had been ruled out of the game on Monday but Gargamel didn’t know until 30 minutes before the game started. OBJuif was pretty sure to win because he had Russell Wilson still to play and another important thing is that Gargamel had used all of his move or budget on the waiver at this time so theoretically he couldn’t grap another kicker like the Seahawks kicker Jason Myers to replace Robbie Gould. 


So then, Gargamel asked another player in the league, Phinsup, to grab the kicker Jason Myers on the waiver and then trade away Jason Myers for Robbie Gould and also Gargamel told Phinsup that he would give him further compensation for helping him. The compensation for that was that Gargamel gave Juju smith to Phinsup the day after. So Gargamel end up winning the matchup 112,86 to 112,18. 


I need to know if this trade was legit?


Thank you so much for your help and sorry for the long story.

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