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Are Pats the biggest cheaters in the NFL?


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Look- I've nothing but respect for how the Pats play the game on the field. Brady no doubt GOAT. I've seen him play live. He throws the BEST football I've ever seen.

But he tampered with the ball prior to a SB run and was caught. The way he did it was against the rules. Then he obstructed the investigation.

Spygate was on the way to another SB run. Bulluck called out the Pats as knowing our signals before the rest of OUR D knew what was called. They eliminated us from the playoffs with the game. 

Rules HAVE been broken. And if the best defense/rationalization is "Everybody does it" then just change or remove that specific rule. That rule (and others) are put there for a purpose with the intent to remove unfair advantage (or as you like to say "competitive edge/gamesmanship"). The Pats consistently attempt to circumvent the intent with the same advantage.

My problem with the leage is simple. If EVERYBODY is doing it as alot of people suggest- just remove the F'n rule so EVERYBODY is abiding by the rules. 

 I differ. People ascribe to the philosophy "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying". I don't ascribe to that philosophy. I've been a champion in 3 different sports, at 3 different levels. Never had to gain a competitive edge by "bending" or breaking the rules.

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I have never been a professional athlete or a college athlete. I have played sports on the high school and rec level and that is it. Was there cheating involved at those levels I sure hope not. I do have respect for the Patriots as the organization does build a quality team year after year and Tom Brady as much as he is arrogant he is the best QB ever. Also I think Bill Bellichick is a mastermind coach as well. I don't fault the Patriots at all I fault the NFL for the problems they have. This is why I don't really follow it that much. I am more of a supporter of the NHL which also has it share of problems as well.

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