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I miss how before the site change I could go back years to research players. From the time they came on the radar til now, helping me make decisions on players and also just reading up on how players developed.


Now there are only a few updates of the last few days, many time going to other players on the team.


Is there a way to access the information that used to be available? 


For me, your site was fantastic when the old information was available, now it's not the useful tool for me that it was. From an A+ website to a C website.

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Thought I had done that, website back to A+ rating. Do wish it was still the old way as sometimes I go back years and three entries/page will take forever but at least it's there.



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On 5/4/2019 at 8:01 PM, dmb3684 said:

 Can Just keep clipping Next and you can read all the blurbs you want.


Seems like you can't hot link to an old blurb anymore.  Quite the downgrade.  But hey, it's bootstrap now so it's easier for their developers which is what really counts.

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