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So, I threw this together in case we're stuck with this theme for a while:


It requires a browser that supports user CSS styles -- I use the Stylus extension which is available for FIrefox and Chrome, but I assume these exist for other browsers as well.  All it does now is tone down the brightness of the blue and gets rid of the 1280px minimum width rules.


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6 hours ago, lbjames6 said:

...When this webpage layout was in beta I emailed them asking for a night mode and the response was "We'll look into it" and sadly it wasn't implemented...

Precisely why I no longer give feedback on these changes anymore. It's a complete waste of time.

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5 hours ago, C_Kap24 said:

Had to downsize screenshot for web and devices so colors are stripped. But this is the layout I have normally. A lot of empty space on right side of the screen.




Yep I've copped the same thing when I logged in today. Its not resizing to suit the current browser window size and everything is aligned left, so heaps of wasted space to the right of the screen etc.

Looks terrible.

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8 hours ago, Bugs bunny said:

I could possibly learn to live with the forum setup. Just put 3-D goggles on. The Rotoworld main page however is an absolute epic failure beyond all reason. The day fantasy died. FEB 12th 2019. Back to old school for us die hards. 


I actually really like the new main page. It's much easier to navigate than the old one and the old one was pretty easy to navigate as well. 

The forums need a new color scheme though. And I had to zoom out on the page in order to read everything, not cool!

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6 hours ago, SuperJoint said:

Precisely why I no longer give feedback on these changes anymore. It's a complete waste of time.

LOL, well I got their "form letter" back from NBC after I did give them feedback:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out the beta version of our newly redesigned Rotoworld site!  

We  value your feedback and will send your comments along to our internal teams for review.  

Thank you for being a fan of Rotoworld and NBC Sports!

I'm like what the hell?  You just said you released the beta version without pre-testing it?  I emailed back I wasn't out doing lab rat work for them helping with some beta test.


1 hour ago, mbbdogg said:

I agree, my biggest issue is that the entire paged is pushed to the left and not centered. If it were centered It would be a lot more bearable.

That is weird.  Some people have said that, not just you.  But that is NOT a problem with my laptop.  It is centered like it always was and fills the whole screen side to side.  My little laptop here is 1366 x 768.  What is the horizontal dimensions on yours?  Greater than 1366 pixels?  Maybe they forgot to code for all sizes of screens which would be so kind of like them.

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Ha LOL at you guys who aren't reading with sunglasses on!


But seriously, wtf are they doing with the page layout?? Why is the default view only like a tiny slice of the screen, and the entire right side is empty space?


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2 hours ago, babyfaceassasin said:

Petition to have the old layout back? This new one sucks 


43 minutes ago, Padilla814 said:

Usually checking Rotoworld forums on my mobile.. this new color scheme does not work at all. Everything is too bright.

All feedback can go here.  Also what I've done for the time being is changed the theme. Go to the bottom of the page and select "Default". It's closer to the old theme than the new one anyway.




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