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Patrick Bateman

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Rotoworld has been the industry leader in fantasy news and analysis for years, but it was time for a much-needed facelift!  While our around-the-clock, comprehensive coverage will remain the same, the new Rotoworld design will be sleeker, easier to navigate, more video-friendly and will finally be mobile-optimized. 


That’s right, you can finally stop pinching the screens on your phones to read our content!  Right now we’re in the beta phase of our launch, and it’s still a work-in-progress, but we’d love for you to check out our soon-to-be new digs, and let us know what you think: https://beta.rotoworld.com


And then please use the Contact Us button to give us feedback!






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I sent an email using the contact us button but I also wanted to post here. Whoever is designing the layout, PLEASE consider enabling a dark mode option or changing the background to a darker color. The white background is a bit much in my opinion.

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I'll just share what I felt the need to email.  And I'm not the guy who emails my thoughts, but I just hate the new format...I also agree there's too much white and too much space where you have to scroll below the fold for a mile to see all the front page info.  


Seriously???? Why would you change to this format. You’re popular for the ease of use of your website. This interface is awful and terribly spaced across your page whereas Rotoworld has always been great since the beginning because it was easy to navigate quickly and very concise. Now, I look at Rotoworld and for the first time, I literally can’t figure out where anything is at. I just don’t understand why after all these years, if it ain’t broke, why you feel the need to do a full overhaul. I know sometimes the inclination is to let your designers and developers earn their money, but this seriously flies in the face of why Rotoworld was such a great aggregator of fantasy sports news. This thing just looks like you’re trying to be ESPN or Bleacher Report – and it doesn’t suit you. Please do not change to this format. And if you do, please at least leave the app alone so we can still have one simplified aggregator of fantasy news without all this fluff.

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First the good - if everyone takes a second to notice, the search player function is now far improved - auto populating the name and not needing me to enter "last name first comma first name" in the year 2018.


But now the bad (i'm referring to it in computer mode rather than mobile mode) :


1) first as one guy said, or both guys said above me - way way too much "white".  Way too much white space.  Apparent that you are trying to push premium and your exclusive columns rather than the blurbs you're known for.  Disappointing but I respect that -  you need to financially grow and that's the way you're doing it.  I would make the " more player news" link that you for some sad reason hide at the bottom more easily accessible at the top without having to scroll all the way down to it conveniently placed by a gigantic ad - with all white so it all kind of blends in........ sigh.


So put the More Player News link easily clickable.  That More Player News page is such a vast imporvement from the current one you have -  but you hide the link on the very bottom of the main page.



2) Second, on the main page for some reason the "trending" section takes up way way way too much space.  Like, why?    It's ridiculous and kind of comical.



3) *****Finally I'll echo what another person said as a stern reminder.  I've seen a billion of your sites come and go.  A billion through the years.  The thing that keeps people coming back to your site after so many years still - being one of the last survivors of your kind - is your blurbs and the ease of use of your website in utilizing the blurbs.  


You take that importance away to focus on the premium aspects, and "exclusive" hot take columns etc and you're just another dime a dozen sports page.  And people will start to leave you because of it, because there are many dime a dozen sports pages out there.  Please don't get too greedy with pushing the exclusive columns or premium aspects and stay true to what people turn to your page for.  



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I don't know about others here but I prefer the OLD Depth Charts. These new NBA Depth Charts are SO clunky and difficult to navigate. I echo the sentiments of everyone above, especially when it comes to the nature of RW and how it's utilized. 

This iteration is awful, the design looks nice but horrible UX/UI. 


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I like. Loads really fast with no script errors. Seems to be new code optimized for speed. For now at least, no ads built by incompetent programmers that frag the site.


So, did not see a link to forums. Assume that will be added later.


My only concern is that the "premium" links means you need to pay for stuff we get free now, including the forums. Otherwise, I like the beta.

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One of the best, easy to find, and useful things for baseball players used to be the games played by position, for both the current and previous year.  I was told they would be included when the season begins, however they are also needed now for some fantasy drafts.

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