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Robert Covington 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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20 hours ago, StifleTower2 said:

That's pretty optimistic.  4 games is a lot.  People are discounting the Magic and they're only .5 games out of the 8th seed.  I don't think they're better than any of the top 8 teams.  Who do you think they have a chance of supplanting?

BTW this was aside from my thesis which was that he should pick up RoCO…but it's more of a speculative add than anything.


Of course out of all the 8 teams it would most likely be the Clip

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15 minutes ago, RCRanger03 said:

Apparently still no time table?! WTH?


Status note: Robert Covington (knee) remains without timetable for return.

He still has yet to take any contact so I'd imagine he's still at least a few games away. 

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17 hours ago, HerrMcKenzie said:

Traded for him shortly before AllStar Break (Roto League, so I dont care about Fantasy Playoffs), hopefully my gamble pays off and I catch the 2nd or even 1st seed.

who you let go? i gave away klay for him last december. solid trade if not for the injury.

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