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If you won the 1 billion, what NFL team would you buy?


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1.  Charlotte is one of the few places I'd invest in and live.

2. They've never won the Super Bowl so you would be the first team owner to win a championship for that franchise.

3. Relative to the other franchises, expectations are not as high so you can kind of run your own thing without scrutiny.

4. Not that it's terrible, I'd revitalize the First Ward to make it "Patriot Place-like" around the stadium

5. Again, this isn't like the Patriots, Niners, Cowboys etc.  This team doesn't have championship history.  I'd be fun being in the beginning of this process and trying to build a sustainable model for the future.


For QB, I'd keep Cam around as long as I could, unless he regresses then reevaluate

For RB, I'd see what I have in McCaffrey and closely monitor how much longer Stewart can be effective for

For WR, the jury is still out on Kelvin.  I'd give him more time.  I'd also give Samuel a chance to step up.  My leash might be short on Funchess if he can't get it going in year 3

For TE, Olsen would have a shot to stay as long as he could.

Unless they turn into a disaster, Rivera's continuity will keep him there.  Due to the multiple GMs, if the current one doesn't work out, I'd have Rivera assist me in handpicking one in the next search.


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