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2017 Rotoworld Mock Real League


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Just now, predator_05 said:

I swear, if i don't make the playoffs this year...



You can probably have my spot.  Pretty sure I didn't make it after I won this league in 2014.

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League renewed....


Housekeeping sh*t:

1. Anyone not playing this year that played last year?

2. Any rule changes that anyone wants voted on?

3. Any date ranges that anyone REALLY needs to not be filled with the draft? (typically we have it sometime after 4th of July).

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Ok I'll throw out the first potential start date:


Friday, July 14th, Noon CST


Usually takes us about 5-6 days.


....and YES! I'd really like to get back to 14 teams if at all possible.

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For newbie reference...


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7 hours ago, boltup15 said:

What is this? What's a 'mock real league.' I'm fairly interested. 


I looked at the older threads. I'm in. 

I'll send out new invites sometime in the next few days...welcome.

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