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Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook


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11 minutes ago, FFCollusion said:


It actually makes perfect sense to me and we've seen plenty of teams do this in the past.

The issue is not with DAL, it's with fantasy players who have predetermined biases of what a CoP back is suppose to be, or how depth charts work.


The way I 'read' this offense is as follows:

Alfred Morris is active, because DAL believes he compliments Zeke.  He's a 'Change of Pace' back, despite the way fantasy players view him based on his history, of being a 2 down grinder.  He is not the replacement to Zeke, he's the guy who offers a 'different look' to Zeke on game day.  My understanding is that DMC would be the 'replacement' to Zeke, as they are more similar backs(in regards to how the team/offense would use them).  Morris would continue to 'compliment' DMC.  The way I see it, DAL doesn't want Zeke and DMC on the field each week, because they are too similar in playstyle. (Again, I'm not comparing their talent or ability on the field, we're discussing their usage and tendencies relevant to the team/offense)


This is just my opinion, I have no inside information, nor is it based on any substantial evidence or reports.

If I'm picking a DAL RB to back up Zeke, I'm going with DMC.


This is very similar to the way I read the David Johnson situation.  I said I don't think K.Williams is even worth a waiver, and that CJ2K would be the back I want to own.  Sure enough there were a plethora of posts like CGoCP's above.  Depth chart this, cut that...  I don't care who was active on Sunday, I don't care what the depth chart says.  I know what I see, and I know what I know.  Granted, they've both been worthless, but the fact remains, CJ2K is the guy who got the job, despite K.Williams depth chart ranking, or Sunday status.


The only problem with that analysis is that K. Williams did get first crack. He just lost it due to ineffectiveness. It certainly could NOT have been the plan all along for CJ to be the handcuff in AZ since they cut him. He wasn't even a healthy scratch like DMC.


Now, that may or may not happen with Morris and DMC too, if Zeke gets suspended. Also, in the end, neither KWill or CJ have really been worth owning, much like what Cyber and myself are saying would probably be the case here.

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There is no cuff.

 I've watched every second of this team for the last 30 years. Go ahead and pick one of those guys up but if Zeke gets suspended you're all going to be bitching about Morris or McFadden eating into each other's touches. Morris cannot play 3rd down Nor can he catch a ball. McFadden will play a lot on 3rd down and clearly the defense is terrible so he'll play a bunch. However Morris should have the goal lines. It would be a mess. Neither one is worth investing a lot on unless you are unbelievably desperate.

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28 minutes ago, boshtrich17 said:

I think he was talking about Zeke because he’ll be the one out of football due to the 6 game suspension tomorrow. 

do you know something the legal experts following the case dont? seems 50/50 not to mention if his suspension is upheld the way i understand it is his side will file appeals and it would just continue to be muddled.

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17 minutes ago, CrastersCreep said:

do you know something the legal experts following the case dont? seems 50/50 not to mention if his suspension is upheld the way i understand it is his side will file appeals and it would just continue to be muddled.

I don’t know any more than anyone else. But what I do know is my team and how scarce the RB position is, how fast RBs get injured and how there’s a new top 5 RB each week. If I can manage to get a slice or 2 of a backfield behind a top offensive line with a competent QB, a top WR and a coach being willing to run heavy then yeah I’m holding DMC and Alf until I see the verdict. At the end of it all were all just trying to hit the “league winner” people a few weeks ago thought it was Buck Allen, then Carson and then Henry stealing the job outright(jury still out on that one). Either way there’s a new pick each week and this is a high end one with a potential 6 week rental. But let’s all grab Chris Thompson or Duke Johnson, ugh cmon. 

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What I get from McFadden being inactive is that they're trying to preserve him if Zeke is suspended. There's no reason to play McFadden right niw, dmc is redundant. He essentially does the same thing Zeke does but way less impactfull.

Look, both those backup running backs essentially do together with Zeke does by himself. So if you grab one and start that player he's going to be half of what Zeke was/is, if that.  I think if Zeke does miss six games eventually they will have an annoying split going on and eventually during particular games ride the hot hand. I don't want to be a part of that.

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41 minutes ago, montgrove said:

Wrong it's dmc


You say it so emphatically, yet you're basing it on no facts what so ever. The preserving him argument is nonsense. 


Fact: DMC's been inactive every game. 

Fact: The coaches flat out said that Morris earned the backup job by outplaying DMC in the pre-season. Morris was much better at running in between the tackles and taking care of the football.

Fact: Morris was getting starter reps leading up to Week 1 because they weren't sure if Zeke was going to suit up Week 1 vs. the Giants or not.



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4 minutes ago, CrastersCreep said:

i see a ton of speculation about who the handcuff is. the one thing that does make sense is it seems like a situation to avoid.

Uh, what?


if Zeke's out the starting RB is going to have RB2 value.

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