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NFL Sunday Ticket stream quality this year?


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I will never pay for this service again. The app is by far one of the worst apps I've ever used. It constantly fails to connect even though my internet connection is fine. Casting to my chromecast almost always fails. Using it in a browser works most of the time but if I want to switch to casting I get an error saying it's already playing on another device when it isn't. Overall everyone involved in the design and creation of this app needs to be fired. For something that costs as much as it does I expect it to work 99% of the time I go to use it, not 50/50. 

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Although there were major issues with the service in previous years, it has been fantastic for me this season. I'm a Ravens fan living in New York, so I'm using Sunday Ticket pretty much every week. I stream from my iPad to TV using Chromecast. The stream quality is pretty much the same as regular HD channels, maybe a little worse but barely noticeable. Best of all, I haven't had any issues with skipping, freezing, or streams being down. This is the first year I can say that it's worth buy.


Just a heads up though, casting from your PC to TV almost never works for some reason but works fine doing it from tablet to TV. \

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