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New weekly fantasy football sites out there


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My friends and I have been playing in a standard head to head Yahoo league for the last 15 years. Things are getting stale even with new rule tweaks over the years. I'm looking to move the league to another platform and was looking for suggestions.


What I'm looking for now instead of drafting a team before game 1 and being stuck with those base players all year, is a Fan Duel type league where each week everyone just picks any players they want. So essentially you could have five guys have Aaron Rodgers etc. etc. Open pool, no keepers, new team week to week.


I don't want to compete with random strangers, just my friends in a private leage and I don't need to win money... just to play. Does such a thing exist? Fan Duel requires funds to be deposited before you sign up. I've looked around an can't seem to find anything like it. Does it exist?





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