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Rotoworld Forums Update -- Software Upgrade Scheduled for June 8th @ 5 AM ET

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Ladies and gents,

Next week, the Rotoworld Forums will be undergoing a major software upgrade. The date has been set for June 8th and the forums will be shutting down anywhere from 3-6 hours starting around 5 AM ET, so please plan accordingly. When they are brought back online, there will be some differences and you may have to sign back in (may not).

We'll have more to share as we transition forward, including some brand new toys that we hope you'll enjoy. The look and feel of the Forums will remain very familiar and we hope the user experience will be effectively improved.

We anticipate there will be some questions or feedback, and have created a thread in the Feedback subforum to address these when the time arrives. We'll be happy to help you to the best of our abilities after the maintenance has been completed or you can always use the help/service link if you need immediate attention.

Thanks for your attention. We look forward to making the Rotoworld experience greater than ever and.....


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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