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i'm listening to the new Kanye record a lot lately. i think it's awesome. i've been listening to everything from hip-hop (Jay-Z, Kanye, Common, Swizz Beatz, a Tribe Called Quest, etc) to rock/indie and metal (TooL, Tori Amos, Incubus, Deftones, Bloc Party, Taproot, Editors, Chimaira, Bury Your Dead, etc) as of late.

EWWW TOOL!!!! Id rather listen to Opera then them.

.................. Well no actually but theyre still terrible.

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iv been listenin to disturbed, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, linkin park, dope, red hot chili peppers, many many more

mainly disturbed and avenged sevenfold tho

at the same time i hav to listen to my brother play mr roboto and time after time and a bunch of other crapy people like weird al yankovic....kill me now!!!

dude, are we the same person? Bullet, linkin park A7x???!?!?!? gotta add All that remains, atreyu,, diecast, Endwell and many others to the list 10/30 A7X!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just surprises me, I didn't think anyone still listened to them. I never really understood them, or why people liked their sound. That's cool though.

ya i just started listenin to them randomly, i do that alot lol

ill be sick of them in a week or two then ill start listenin to somethin like system of a down or sumtin like that

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