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Advanced, Competitve League with Unique Rules Seeking Owners

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At ProFSL, we have started an exciting, new 30-team NBA league that is part-money (16 NBA teams) and part-free (14 ABA teams). League will be scored on Fantrax with tranactions being mediated through ProFSL league message board. You can rollover salary cap to budget for a championship run and if you are in the pay league, the entry fee is equal to your salary cap ($1 US = $1m cap). As an owner, you can purchase up to five shares of NBA franchises, diversify your portfolio based on team assets and GM skill, and see a return! Majority owners have rights to the GM seat (and can remove a GM). Check it out and feel free to sign up for a team. Completing the PayPal transaction will give you your team indefinitely in the NBA unless you sold your shares off to someone else.

League board:

If you are interested in joining then just register at ProFSL for a free account and post at the above board. Please provide the team you want (or multiple teams in case of investments) and your Fantrax.com ID.

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