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welcome to the forums, take it from me you wont regret using them.. gives you a big leg up on the competition..

WHIR means= will help in response.. our way of letting others know we will get back to them if they help us out..

if you put it up just make sure you do help those who help you.. obviously we cant monitor our pages all day, but when you do see that someone has responded to your post definitely help them back.. No shame if you cant help because you really dont know the answer or dont want to mislead someone, but if you have some knowledge or advice to add, give them a hand. I like to have people attach links to their thread along with their answers to make it easy for me to help them back by simply clicking the link at the bottom of their response to my question

... good luck to you, enjoy the site

well said. Thank you.

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Thanks for the heads up on all of this, super appreciate it. I know I'm a little late to the forum, given how the season is almost over, but I'm thinking I'm going to really get into this community. This is my first season playing fantasy anything, much less basketball, and I've grown to really enjoy it. I'll definitely be involved with this community next season. Cheers!

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Does anyone want to join an ESPN 12 team 9 player keeper snake draft league?

Draft is tonight at 8pm Eastern!!!


We need  one solid, committed and active owner to replace a team!!!


Here is a link to the league page! 



The team available is named: Super Splash Bros


Please send me an email or message me on the main page!

EMAIL: solitudeinmind@yahoo.com


Thanks guys!!

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This probably wont change anything, but my take on this would be to reverse the list OP posted. List your entire roster and league settings instead of "Player A or Player B?" Then, if I can actually provide help, I'll post something.


I don't see how I or anyone else can give advice when we know nothing about your team or league. I'll go down the threads and if all I see is "Player A or Player B?", I'm more likely to skip it. Anyway, I just think if you're gonna help someone, do it because you want to help them and not because of the "what have you done for me" or what have you done for someone else" mentality that seems to be ingrained into fantasy sports.

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On 1/24/2012 at 7:45 AM, bmoss12 said:

Good in theory, alot of people put one word answers responding to get thier question answered. A discussion would be nice, but instead alot of threads are just personal opinion from people who lets face it if there asking questions about thier team, how much of thier input is going to help with your team?

Bumping this guy's post. Yes there are some questions that only require a simple answer but I think it's only fair to return the same amount of effort in "helping back". If you are getting 1 sentence replies like "do that trade", "I don't like that player"--since there is little or no effort and these people are just fishing for replies  it's only fair to return the same or not answer at all. 


Also "whereof one cannot speak one must remind silent"-Wittgenstein. If someone does not totally know the answer to a question or has very little knowledge on it, maybe it's better to not say anything rather than mislead someone.

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First time poster.... need help asap. 


I have been offered A.Davis and Gobert for KAT and Whiteside. Currently AD is and Gobert but I picked both KAT and Whiteside before AD and Gobert. 


Plus I dont trust AD's body and durability. 


Am I being stupid, should I accept? 

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