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Big Play league WR's


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the leauge im in offers more points for longer TD'd

0-14 yds = 6 pts

15-29 yds = 12 pts

30-44 yds = 18 pts

45+ = 24 pts

some guys I thought of so far are :

Lee Evans



what and who do u guys think will excell in this format?

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You've gotta add Plaxico Burress to this list.....Chad Johnson.......TJ Houshmandzadeh.....Reggie Wayne......Torry Holt. I know they're obvious names but if a guy can catch a 20-35yd TD pass, that's a fat score in your league. These guys will do that constantly.

I like Evans being mentioned here. He and Losman should connect quite a bit this season.

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so far the list has:

Chad Johnson

Lee Evans

Reggie Wayne



Santana Moss

Santonio Holmes


Jerrico Cotchery

Devery Henderson

Kevin Curtis

Reggie Brown

Plaxico Burress

TJ Houshmandzadeh

Torry Holt


Roy Williams

Bernard Berrianams

Troy Williamson (sleeper)

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