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Most valuable Patriots WR

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my prediction: caldwell will get cut and jabar gaffney will make the team. jg had a great postseason, something belichick takes serious, and is shining in the preseason, while caldwell's crack eyes went blind and dropped some easy passes.

the pats wr should go like this...







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Brady spreads the ball so much that I don't think anyone outside of Moss or Stallworth will be worth owning. The others will all be capable of having a great game any given week, but you'll likely pull out your hair trying to stay ahead of the curve.

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"caldwell's crack eyes..." funniest thing I've read all week. So true.

I personally don't care for anything to do with the Patriots passing game except Tom Brady.

Ha I lol'd at that too. And I agree, I'm shying away from all Pats WR's this year unless Moss falls to me late.

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