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IDP points question. Rookie, please help


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I need a little help with the point settings. Right now we have the standard offensive players using mostly defualt settings. This is what i had in mind for IDP's. We are going with 4 total. 1 Db, 1 Dl and 2 D's.(in yahoo lb's are considered dl's)

Tackle Solo (2)

Tackle Assist (1)

Sack (3)

Interception (3)

Fumble Force (3)

Fumble Recovery (3)

Touchdown (6)

Safety (3)

Pass Defended (1)

Block Kick (3)

What do you guys think? its the first time we use IDP and im looking for comments from people who have played on leagues with IDP's before.

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thats about right...i am used to 1 for a tackle, .5 for assist, and 2 pts for sack but this will work

This is the way my league does it as well. But we use two DL's, two DB's, and two D's, so the fact that you only have four defensive players rather than 6 should level things out.

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